Фото, Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

Here are my few ideas on Breakfast theme:

French toast in Bulgarian style

Bulgarian breakfast mekitsa, mekitsa with powdered sugar, Bulgarian French toast

Bulgarian pies with cheese – Banitsa

My usual breakfast when I was pregnant

Baby breakfast 🙂

About Rois

Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and the Sun prince.


27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

  1. Great photos 🙂

    Posted by Northern Narratives | събота, 19 ноември, 2011г., 1:47
  2. The pregnant breakfast looks the most mouth-watering. Yummy! The baby is adorable, as well. So cute.

    Posted by zingaling23 | събота, 19 ноември, 2011г., 3:41
  3. Looks Delicious to me nice post Rois

    Posted by jakesprinter | събота, 19 ноември, 2011г., 5:47
  4. Delicious breakfast and a cute baby! 🙂

    Posted by Gracie Sam | събота, 19 ноември, 2011г., 15:04
  5. A complete breakfast with an innocent smile!


    Posted by Jona Bering | Backpacking with a Book | събота, 19 ноември, 2011г., 16:17
  6. Wow breakfast for how many people?

    Posted by Gilly Goldsworthy | събота, 19 ноември, 2011г., 21:14
  7. wow – that looks scrummy

    Posted by Jo Bryant | събота, 19 ноември, 2011г., 23:39
  8. Love the last photo 🙂

    Posted by Amy | събота, 19 ноември, 2011г., 23:49
  9. After seeing your breakfast pictures, I wanted to join you at the table 🙂 http://aurelientt.wordpress.com/2011/11/18/weekly-photo-challenge-breakfast/

    Posted by Brandon | неделя, 20 ноември, 2011г., 4:56
  10. Ok. I just gained about 5 pounds from looking at these photos! Great captures. : )

    Posted by Just Ramblin' Pier | неделя, 20 ноември, 2011г., 5:17
  11. Oh gosh! They all look good Rois…..well maybe not the baby breakfast but the baby is darling!

    Posted by sweetdaysundertheoaks | неделя, 20 ноември, 2011г., 18:29
  12. I can see that baby
    enjoyed the breakfast 🙂 lol

    Androgoth Xx

    Posted by Androgoth | сряда, 21 декември, 2011г., 1:34

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