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Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

At the top of Gloria Pallace Hotel in San Augustin, Gran Canaria, Spain

Small dam in Gran Canaria, Spain

Winter field in Sopot, Bulgaria

My father and my son

About Rois

Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and the Sun prince.


34 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

  1. I really love the third pic. Looks like a peaceful winters day. http://wp.me/pdJ7S-uC

    Posted by Brandon | петък, 13 януари, 2012г., 18:30
  2. I’m there… I’m in the wonderfully restful pool on top of the hotel. Well captured.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Posted by katehobbs | петък, 13 януари, 2012г., 19:44
  3. The first pic is my idea of Peaceful. Poolside or beach and sun!

    Posted by Jim | петък, 13 януари, 2012г., 21:32
  4. I’d give almost anything to be sitting on a hotel patio somewhere nice and hot right now

    Posted by Mike Hardisty | петък, 13 януари, 2012г., 22:09
  5. Great photos. My favorite is the second photo. It is very beautiful and peaceful.

    Posted by Northern Narratives | петък, 13 януари, 2012г., 22:36
  6. Such a lovely collection and all very peaceful . . . love the peace between your father and son.

    Posted by Patti Kuche | събота, 14 януари, 2012г., 2:31
  7. Very nice „peaceful“ photos! Thank you so much for following my blog – I really appreciate it!

    Posted by Fergiemoto | събота, 14 януари, 2012г., 3:17
  8. thank you for sharing these peaceful moments!
    all so different, and yet each one is perfect for this week’s challenge.

    Posted by pix & kardz | събота, 14 януари, 2012г., 9:53
  9. Great Entry for the Challenge Rois 🙂

    Posted by jakesprinter | събота, 14 януари, 2012г., 11:05
  10. Great photos of peacefulness. I think the first photo looks wonderful as we have a little snow on the ground and it is COLD. The picture of your father and your son is sweet.

    Posted by sweetdaysundertheoaks | събота, 14 януари, 2012г., 13:44
  11. Happy you like it!

    Posted by Rois | събота, 14 януари, 2012г., 16:22
  12. These are lovely collection of peaceful-themed photos. Love the last photo 🙂

    Posted by Gracie Sam | събота, 14 януари, 2012г., 19:57
  13. Тази с малкия язовир е много хубава!

    Posted by borislavam | събота, 14 януари, 2012г., 21:18
  14. these are great shots Rois

    Posted by Jo Bryant | събота, 14 януари, 2012г., 21:29
  15. That first one looks like it would be so peaceful.

    Posted by Just Ramblin' Pier | понеделник, 16 януари, 2012г., 6:26
  16. Peaceful, definitely 🙂 Thanks for the share!

    Posted by Madman | вторник, 17 януари, 2012г., 16:41


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