Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

About Rois

Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and artist.


17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

  1. Great simple entry Rois .

    Posted by jakesprinter | събота, 21 януари, 2012г., 6:02
  2. great selections for this challenge!

    Posted by pix & kardz | събота, 21 януари, 2012г., 7:21
  3. The cake looks good!🙂

    Posted by Britten Asplund | събота, 21 януари, 2012г., 9:39
  4. That cake looks delicious!

    Posted by nelson RN | събота, 21 януари, 2012г., 11:38
  5. wow🙂 Third one made me smile -eye to eye!🙂🙂

    Posted by Nandini | събота, 21 януари, 2012г., 19:47
  6. Third one is a actually a Bulgarian traditional gift on 1st of March – it comes in different shapes, but always in white and red. I guess I’ll expplain more about it when March comes.🙂

    Posted by Rois | събота, 21 януари, 2012г., 21:40
  7. Hi Julliane, that cake looks lovely!🙂

    Posted by Gracie Sam | неделя, 22 януари, 2012г., 19:56
  8. Simple excellence! You got it all right, kudos🙂

    Posted by Madman | вторник, 24 януари, 2012г., 13:44
  9. “Ahinowa,” I respond, which is one of the common responses to greetings but, coming from me, results in laughter.

    Posted by Michael Cramer sikaboom | вторник, 31 януари, 2012г., 22:44


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