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The ABC Award and One Lovely Blog Award

I am really, really late and I appologize about that, but I was busy with some tasks, I was a bit ill, my son was ill and I really didn’t have the time and the inspiration to accept properly the awards. But now it’s about time.
My dear friends Gracie and Carol both nominated me for The ABC Award here and here. I am always honoured to receive award from non-Bulgarian speaking bloggers because even though some use online translator must be a bit of a challenge to understand all my posts. So I am really thankful to these two wonderful girls! So what are the rules for accepting the award:
1. Post the award on your blog using one of those image, the one you like more:
2. Pass the award to as many blogs as you want
3. Make ABC list with whatever things you decide to put in it

Also Carol gave me here another award – One Lovely Blog Award.

There are no rules for accepting this award (except passing it to blogs you believe that they are lovely) it’s just really nice way someone to tell you they like what you are creating on you blog. 🙂

So below you will see my ABC list and after that the blogs I am nominating. As I did before with other awards, if you are nominated you can choose wich award you prefer to receive. Or you can of corurse receive the both of them and the just follow the rules for acceptance you want. I’m nominating some blogs that already received awards from me, but when something is nice, why not saying it again how much you like it. 🙂

So, here’s my ABC list(as you can see, there’s one special letter in there 🙂 ):

Astrology is my hobby.
Aerosmith is one of my favorite bands.
I’m in love with Aragorn.
Borislava is the name of my sister.
Dimitar Berbatov is the best Bulgarian football player for the last 10 years and I am great fan of him.
I always wanted to live in Barcelona.
Cats are my favorite animals.
Cate Blanchett is one of my favorite actresses.
Didi is one of my favorite bloggers and a true inspiration.
Damon Salvatore is one of my favorite vampires.
Evanescence is another favorite band.
Always felt connected to Freddie Mercury.
Friends is one my favorite TV shows.
Gracie is another favorite blogger.
Gran Canaria is an island where I may go back to live some day
Heath Ledger‘s death broke my heart.
Izabel Adjani is another favorite actress
James Ford is tv series character, who is so favorite to me, that I stole his last name 🙂
Patrick Kluivert is one of my first favorite football players and celebrities, I’m in love with him already 17 years.
The Lord of the Rings is my favorite movie.
Lost is my favorite TV show.
Luciano is the father of my son.
Marty is how people most often call my son.
Mircho is the name of my father.
Natalie is the name of my niece.
Natasha is the name of my mother.
Otkrovenia.com  is where I first posted my poetry.
Outnumbered always make me laugh.
Plovdiv is my favorite town in Bulgaria.
Queer as folk is very favorite TV show of mine.
Randy Orton is my favorite wrestler at the moment.
Rattle Snake Stone Cold Steve Austin is my all time favorite wrestler.
I’m most famous with the nickname Rois in internet.
Sabina is my real name.
Sopot is my hometown.
Simon is the love of my life(well, after my son 🙂 ).
I met the father of my son in San Fernando, Spain.
The hometown of the father of my son is Salvador.
I have „Stattoo on my back.
Simon Martin is the full name of my son.
The fogs above Tareh is a fantasy book I am  writing.
U2’s song Kite is probably my most favorite song.
Viggo Mortensen is my favorite actor.
Stories about vampires always fascinate me.
I always wanted to be wizard.
My son is born on the day when William and Kate got married. 😀
Sometimes it looks to me like the main ingredient for the creation of my son is chemical X(The Powerpuff Girls are created by mixing sugar, spice and everything nice and accidentally adding a bit of chemical X)
Yellow is one of the most beautiful songs ever created.
Zack and Shaun from Shelter are one of my favorite gay movie couples.

And here’s the list of the blogs that I’m nominating and that I like so much:

Didi – her creativity is a true inspiration for me!
Fraqueza – my sister and her first steps in blogging
Estrella – I always feel chilled out there
Vesela Mareva – because of her non stopping creativity
Една жена – една вселена – amazing cook
Cee’s Life Photography – because of taking part in my challenge and creating herself very interesting challenge
globexpress – amazing stories and photos
By Niki – lovely photos
AbstractUnkownBoy – for taking part in my challenge and because of the great photos
Cardinal Guzman – always interesting view
Размисли под небето – different view of the simple things in life and great sense of humour
Кулинарни експерименти – always something nice to see
Jeanne’s blog – always something nice to see and read
Right in front of me – breathe taking photos
dadirridreaming – beautiful photos
… like Alice in wonderland… – great food and stories
Cuteness, in all its versatility – great photos
Northern Narratives – beautiful photos
Under The Oaks – I just love the Barn Charm posts!
OTDETETO – because they always make me laugh
Frizz – because of his A-Z Photo Challenge
Implicado – interesting photos
Jake – because of his Weekly Sunday Post challenge
Life Just Is – another blog with beautiful photos
Мъфини и кексчета – because I very often get cooking ideas from this blog
Chittle Chattle – one of the first blogs I noticed
Жълтурчето – for telling her stories in lovely way
3rdculturechildren – for making us part of her beautiful worlds
Кулинарна магия – for the amazing recepies

I would love to give this awards also to Gracie and Carol, no matter I received them from them, their blogs are also my favorite places to stop by, always enjoy visiting them.

About Rois

Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and the Sun prince.


17 thoughts on “The ABC Award and One Lovely Blog Award

  1. You went way and above the call of duty. Loved your ABCs. Thanks for the nomiation.

    Posted by Cee Neuner | понеделник, 5 март, 2012г., 0:09


    Posted by fgassette | понеделник, 5 март, 2012г., 0:34
  3. Thank you very much for including me in this. I am flattered.

    Posted by AbstractUnknownBoy | понеделник, 5 март, 2012г., 0:35
  4. Congratulation Rois you deserve to have it,
    more power to your blog and thank you for thinking me as well 🙂

    Posted by jakesprinter | понеделник, 5 март, 2012г., 1:02
  5. Видях се, видях се! Редом до Деймън 🙂 Много благодаря за милите думи и за оказаната награда! Не знам кога ще мога да я приема и дали изобщо ще се приближава и наполовина до твоя обем, но някой ден ще се заема 🙂

    Posted by LadyDiDi | понеделник, 5 март, 2012г., 1:52
  6. Congratulations for your awards. Thank you for thinking of my blog too 🙂

    Posted by Northern Narratives | понеделник, 5 март, 2012г., 2:05
  7. thank you for the award!
    I’ll try to write an ABC …

    Posted by frizztext | понеделник, 5 март, 2012г., 9:55
  8. hi Jukkiane,
    I like your ABC – not very easy in a foreign language …

    Posted by frizztext | понеделник, 5 март, 2012г., 9:57
  9. oh Julliane, my fingers switched to the wrong letters …
    Какво яде Симон Мартин днес Календарни Коледа Коледни …

    Posted by frizztext | понеделник, 5 март, 2012г., 9:59
  10. Thanks for the award, Rois! So nice of you to think of my blog :)))

    Posted by globexpress | понеделник, 5 март, 2012г., 12:07
  11. Congratulations, Rois! 🙂 I’m grateful, that you thought of me too. Thanks a lot. 🙂

    Posted by Nandini | понеделник, 5 март, 2012г., 13:48
  12. Ехааааа, чудесен АВС списък имаш! Хареса ми много 🙂
    Останах изненадана, че се видях и аз…. Благодаря! Много мило.
    Честита награда и продължавай да радваш все така хората с това, което си и това, което правиш 🙂

    Posted by taniaark | понеделник, 5 март, 2012г., 16:30
  13. Thank you so much, Rois, fir the inclusion! What a great pleasure, and an honor… Really glad to know you’re happy with the „worlds“ I’ve created wit our travels! Peace from Brazil, Raquel.

    Posted by 3rdCultureChildren | вторник, 6 март, 2012г., 1:41
  14. Честит Празник , Сабина ! 🙂
    Сърдечно благодаря за наградата и вниманието към мен !

    Posted by sabinaberova | четвъртък, 8 март, 2012г., 13:59
  15. Благодаря за наградата 🙂 Много приятна изненада 🙂

    Posted by Ema | понеделник, 12 март, 2012г., 23:22
  16. Thank you! I will work on this next week! I appreciate it!

    Posted by Cedric de Alicoque | събота, 31 март, 2012г., 17:50

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