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Sunday Post: Nature

The mountain behind my town
The mountain behind my town is called Stara Planina or translated in English „old mountain“. Its old name is Balkan which has given name of the whole Balkanian Peninsula where is situated not only my country Bulgaria but also  Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia and some parts of Romania, Slovenia and Turkey. The mountain has a great historical meaning to my people and it’s 530 kilometres long.

More Nature interpretations here.

About Rois

Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and the Sun prince.


15 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Nature

  1. Beautiful place Rois I love your interpretation for this week theme 🙂

    Posted by jakesprinter | неделя, 1 април, 2012г., 11:44
  2. Your country is beautiful.

    Posted by Gobetween | неделя, 1 април, 2012г., 13:26
  3. You live in a beautiful place – I would love to go walking there 🙂

    Posted by Colline | неделя, 1 април, 2012г., 14:03
  4. Beautiful view of the mountain.

    Posted by Northern Narratives | неделя, 1 април, 2012г., 18:51
  5. Nice collection, Rois. Thanks for sharing the beauty of this part of the world with me.

    Posted by suitablefish | неделя, 1 април, 2012г., 22:07
  6. Rois…what a beautiful country…and great photos

    Posted by Jo Bryant | понеделник, 2 април, 2012г., 0:29
  7. Thank you, Rois! I’ve never been to Bulgaria…but you’ve given me a wonderful view of your amazing countryside. 🙂 Your photos should be in a travel brochure. 🙂

    Posted by viviankirkfield | понеделник, 2 април, 2012г., 3:03
  8. beautiful scenery!

    Posted by ponky | четвъртък, 5 април, 2012г., 5:45

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