Which one you like more

Which one you like more: Boone Carlyle or Damon Salvatore?

This post is about two of the roles of Ian Somerhalder. One of them is character who tragically lost his life in the first season of Lost, the other one is charismatic vampire from the  TV series The Vampire Diaries. So which one you like more – Boone Carlyle or Damon Salvatore?

My choise
Lost is still me favorite TV show. It kept me thrilled for few years and I felt all its characters as my real friends. But I am definately voting for Damon Salvatore. I love stories about vampires, and I love bad boys, and Damon is a bad boy vampire, imposible for me, not to choose him. 🙂

More polls here.

I am about to start work, and unfortunatelly this means I will have much less time about this blog. I am already not so productive like before. To keep the blog alive I will start series of small posts, that do not require so much time to produce them. The first of my ideas is polls about which character of two of a certain actor or actress you like more, or where you like the actor or the actress more. I will not set a certain day about it, I will post whenever I have inspiration about it, all you to do is to vote for which one you like more. Of course, if you want you can leave a comment to explain why you;re voting like that. So… enjoy! 😀

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