Sunday Post

Sunday Post: Pet

Can’t go with only one picture at this challenge, I am a cat person and I love all about these animals! 🙂

Mami and Bebe


Bebe II

Bebe II, Krasanka and Princeska

Me and Bebe

Me and Bebe

My ex-boyfriend, me and our cats – Mami and Bebe

Me and Mami

Me, Mami and her children – Bebe II, Krasanka and Princeska

What the names of the cats mean:
Mami – Mum
Bebe – Baby
Mecha – Bear
Bebe II – Baby Junior
Krasanka – Beauty
Princeska – Little Princess

More Pet interpretations here.

About Rois

Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and the Sun prince.


15 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Pet

  1. Beautiful post Rois I love all of it , nice work 🙂

    Posted by jakesprinter | неделя, 20 май, 2012г., 1:06
  2. such sweet tabby cats, you look so comfortable there!

    Posted by dadirri7 | неделя, 20 май, 2012г., 15:25
  3. Those kittens are too cute! My girls would be so jealous!

    Posted by Colline | понеделник, 21 май, 2012г., 17:13
  4. OMG – I want Mecha. Nah … I will take them all. They are so cute and adorable.
    Did you adopt them all???? I am enjoying looking at everyones pets. Fun Post …
    here is my cat story … a lil sad … but a happy ending … Isadora

    Posted by Inside the Mind of Isadora | понеделник, 21 май, 2012г., 22:31
  5. Oh how precious and beautiful!

    Posted by Gilly Gee | понеделник, 21 май, 2012г., 23:17
  6. These are so sweet…what a great bunch of photos

    Posted by Jo Bryant | вторник, 22 май, 2012г., 7:58
  7. you are very sweet

    Posted by Kyle | сряда, 23 май, 2012г., 0:44

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