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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

My father and my son My mother and my son My adorable Simon Martin More Fleeting moment interpretations here.

Photo Friday: Dog

My mother and Moris, the dog of my sister More Dog interpretations here.

Само веднъж

Знаеш ли колко по-различно е? И някак си не може и да спре. Преди се молех за обичане, не знаейки, че моля се за теб, не знаейки, че няма свършване, че са отпечатъци, клейма, за които света бих преобръщала, само за да ги нося, да продължа. Не знаех… Днес знам всичко и вече вярвам на … Има още

Ноти из главата ми: The Idan Raichel Project – Bo’ee

На тази песен попаднах покрай едно фен видео за Кристиан и Оливър от сериала Verbetene Liebe. Много ми е позитивна. 🙂

Места, на които искам да отида / Places I want to visit

Ами да, нямам време за дълги и задълбочени постове, нямам и особено вдъхновение, затова ето набързо един лесен за списване списък, подкрепен със чужд снимков материал, с местата в света, които искам да посетя. Вероятно съм пропуснала някое. Барселона / Barcelona Лондон / London Амстердам / Amsterdam Фиордите на Норвегия / Fjords of Norway Салвадор … Има още

Wednesday Song Title Interpretation: Hot

That’s one of my favorite Avril Lavigne’s songs. The picture is taken two years ago in Gran Canaria, during the Calima, when I was 4 weeks pregnant, but still didn’t know it. 🙂 The night before that picture was taken the temperature went up from 23 degrees to 48 degrees Celsius for less than 5 … Има още

Sunday Post: Water H20

I live in a small town in Bulgaria. One of the legends of its founding says that about ten centuries ago a slavic tribe was looking for a new place to settle down. They stopped for a rest in a forest, next to a mountain spring. The water of the spring was so cold, clean … Има още

Noetry: Thore

You smiled and then you said: I don’t believe we’ve met. I don’t believe that too. I would remember eyes that make me drool. Did I invite you visit me at home?, you asked while writing down my phone, after ten days of making passionate steam, untill your holiday was over. Next month I flied … Има още

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

My aunt’s creations More Create interpretations here.

Sunday Post: Famous Movies

This is very old picture of me, from year 2004. My sister calls it „Sabina and the Hobbits“. You may not see it very well, but on the poster above me are the four actors who are playing the hobbits in The Lord of the Rings. And that’s my favorite movie. 🙂 More Famous Movies … Има още

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