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Share Your World – Weeks 28

  1. Apple juice, orange juice or prune juice? Well, I have to choose – apple juice. But the truth is the only thing I enjoy to drink when I am thirsty is water.
  2. What is your favorite animal? Without second thought – cats, tigers, everyone from the cat family. I love these animals, to me they are the most beautiful and the most inteligent.

  3. What are two things in nature do you find most beautiful? I think many things in nature are fascinating, but I have to choose only two – fogs and lightnings.

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  4. Are you awake before dawn?  Or are you awake before noon? I am almost never awake before down. I hate to get up early. Tha’s because I don’t sleep much in the night, it’s just my biological clock is totally wrong :). I am awake before noon, because I have a son to take care of and because I have to work. Other way I won’t be awake before noon. 🙂

More answers here.

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Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and the Sun prince.


5 thoughts on “Share Your World – Weeks 28

  1. Very nice! your cat is adorable and sweet. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted by imexcited | неделя, 17 юни, 2012г., 22:55
  2. Lightening and fog. Interesting answer. I do miss the lightening of Colorado. It was so dramatic and beautiful. We’ve got fog in the early mornings here and I love the misty morning and our rivers … so beautiful. Thanks for participating.

    Posted by Cee Neuner | вторник, 19 юни, 2012г., 22:45


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