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Wednesday Song Title Interpretation and A-Z Archive Y Challenge: Yellow

Yes, I am doing them together this week. And also I have to admit that I’ve posted the pictures before. I know I am not very creative lately but my head is full with work and other worries.

Cee’s interpretation here

More Y interpretations here.
Inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge, Frizz and his AZ Archive and Didi and her Video Friday, I finaly decided to make my own challenge. Of course everyone is invited to join, I’ll be happy to welcome followers, but if there aren’t any, I’ll continue doing it myself. :) If you miss to post on Wednesday, don’t worry – you can catch up another day.
What is all about – every Wednesday I’ll give a song title as a topic for interpretations. You can improvise in whatever way you want – you can post photo(yours or just one you like), a drawing, a collage, you can write an article, a poem, a short story and etc. Just whatever it comes first when you here that title. Hope you’ll enjoy my interpretations. :)
Find all the topics here.

Вдъхновенa от Weekly Photo Challenge, Frizz и неговият AZ Archive и Didi и нейния Video Friday, най-накрая реших да направя мое собствено предизвикателство. Разбира се, всички са поканени да се присъединят, ще се радвам да приветствам последователи, но ако все пак няма такива, ще продължат сама. :) А ако не успеете да публикувате в сряда, може да си наваксате следващите дни.
Какво представлява предизвикателството – всяка сряда аз ще ви предлагам заглавие на песен, като тема за интерпретации. Можете да импровизирате по какъвто начин искате – можете да публикувате снимка (ваша или чужда, която ви харесва), рисунка, колаж, можете да напишете статия, стихотворение, кратък разказ и т.н. Просто каквото ви дойде на ум, когато чуете съответното заглавие. Надявам се, ще са ви  интересни и моите тълкувания. :)
Вижте всички теми тук.

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Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and the Sun prince.


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Song Title Interpretation and A-Z Archive Y Challenge: Yellow

  1. or YELLOW submarine by the BEATLES as song title interpretation challenge?

    Posted by frizztext | сряда, 20 юни, 2012г., 13:33
  2. Beautiful yellow, loved it! 🙂

    Posted by Nandini | сряда, 20 юни, 2012г., 16:11
  3. I like the blend of the photographs with the Coldplay video (which I love by the way). Did you know that a female singer-songwriter, Sara Bareilles has her own version of this song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvT9pgcS3So&feature=related

    Posted by Myra GB | четвъртък, 21 юни, 2012г., 6:47
  4. Rois, this song is one of my favorites from Coldplay. My husband and I went to a Colplay concert a few years ago. During the song Yellow, the band released a large yellow balloon into the audience that bounced over the audience. We were too far up in the stands to touch the balloon. Fun time. Thanks for bringing back this memory.

    Posted by Claudia | събота, 23 юни, 2012г., 19:14


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