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Sunday Post: Water H20

I live in a small town in Bulgaria. One of the legends of its founding says that about ten centuries ago a slavic tribe was looking for a new place to settle down. They stopped for a rest in a forest, next to a mountain spring. The water of the spring was so cold, clean and delicious that they decided to make their new village there. They called it Sopot, which some people think means „clean water“. Today in Sopot they are about 30 continuous free-flowing fountains, in which the water comes from mountain springs, which is quite a lot for a town with less than10 000 citizens. They have the coldest water that I have ever tasted.

More Water H2O interpretations here.

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Water H20

  1. Great story.

    But! Why are the fountains free-flowing? Isn’t that a bit of a waste?

    Posted by SummerSolsticeGirl | сряда, 27 юни, 2012г., 0:20
  2. this is so interesting

    Posted by Rosa | сряда, 27 юни, 2012г., 20:00

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