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Sunday Post: Village

The village where my grandmother lives – Pevcite (translated in English it means „the singers“) More Village interpretations here.

Малко преди утрото…

Дъхът ти е някъде върху рамото ми, гърбът ми в тебе е допрян, а ръцете ни са хванати. И колко е часа – не знам. Не искам да знам нито час, нито ден, нито пространство, обкръжение,  вселена. Кажи на слънцето да забрави за теб и мен и да не може утрото този момент да ни … Има още

It’s just bliss

I don’t care who will know. Don’t need anything to show, don’t need anyone to understand, don’t need the world. Just hold my hand. I don’t care who will approve or who can’t stand our  truth, or who will say it’s forbidden kiss. It’s divine. It’s just bliss. I don’t accept it can be sin, … Има още

Wednesday Song Title Interpretation and A-Z Archive Y Challenge: Yellow

Yes, I am doing them together this week. And also I have to admit that I’ve posted the pictures before. I know I am not very creative lately but my head is full with work and other worries. Cee’s interpretation here More Y interpretations here. Inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge, Frizz and his AZ Archive … Има още

Noetry: Orange

Waiting for the orange to appear. God, I wish I knew you won’t be here! Hope you saved the night to kiss your beloved one. Or probably you missed to tell me you got night shift today. May be through your phone you’ll go online to say not to wait for you and not to … Има още

Share Your World – Weeks 28

Apple juice, orange juice or prune juice? Well, I have to choose – apple juice. But the truth is the only thing I enjoy to drink when I am thirsty is water. What is your favorite animal? Without second thought – cats, tigers, everyone from the cat family. I love these animals, to me they … Има още

Мъфини и петифури с кокос и пъпеш, за елфи и феи

Да си кажа честно – това изобщо не беше замислено да е елфска рецепта :)Тези сладкиши трябваше да са тестови, защото НАЙ-НАКРАЯ в родния ми Сопот намерих сладкарска боя и с нетърпение исках да пробвам какво ще се получи. Та какво все пак почерпих като знание от опита – боите бяха доста евтини, четири цвята … Има още

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

More Close interpretations here.

A-Z Archive: X Challenge (Xylophone)

My son playing the xylophone. 🙂 More X interpretations here.

Wednesday Song Title Interpretation: Sweetest Thing

I am really late this week, so it’s not the best I can come up with. On the picture is a dessert I made 🙂 . I called it Cream Monica. Here’s the recipe, pardon my English: Products: 800-900 grams strained yoghurt 250-300 g caster sugar fine oatmeal 3 plain biscuits raisins 2-3 tablespoons cocoa vanilla sugar sticks 3 … Има още

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