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Експерименти за прощъпулник – мъфини с пълнеж и къпаната питка на Ани

Минаха повече от две седмици от прощъпулника на сина ми, но все не ми остава време, а и вдъхновение да публикувам кулинарните си експерименти, вдъхновени от приближаването на това събитие. Реших, че трябва аз и никой друг да омеси и изпече питата. Имайте предвид, че никога нищо в живота си не бях месила преди това. … Има още

Noetry: Breaking heart

You broke my heart. Oh, yes, you did! Not being apart is not always enough, isn’t it? All night I’m yours in a way many can’t understand. But your soul can. That’s making it worse, isn’t it? Who said it’s impossible to love one you’ve never touched? Why nobody warned me pretending could cost me … Има още

Моля те…

Не се усмихвай. Не поздравявай. Не пращай прегръщащо човече. Не успокоявай. Подкрепа не давай. Не казвай, че не искаш да си далече. Не ме ревнувай. Не се вглеждай. Не ме приемай безрезервно. И моля те, не ми споменавай за надежда, нито бъди толкова мил, когато ми е нервно. Не ме помни. Не ме очаквай. С … Има още

Share Your World – Weeks 24, 25, 26 and 27

Week 24 Are you left or right handed? Right handed. Can’t do almost nothing with my left hand. What is one thing you love about being an adult? I don’t know, that I can go out in the middle of the night without my mum yelling at me. 🙂 What do I need to unlearn? … Има още

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

I tried my best to reduce the pictures to a minimal number, but I can’t go with less than five. 🙂 Daniela, Andrea and Suhayla – children of my friends. Me and one of my best friends Marina, celebrating New Year. This picture is not taken by me but it is very dear to me. … Има още

Happy World Oceans Day!

8th of June is The Wolrd Oceans Day, find more about it here. This is my way to celebrate – few pictures of Atlаntic Ocean, taken by me. 🙂

Say it

Say it. They are just three words. Come on. Get your courage. Say it first. Say it. You know me so long, it’s unthinkable to get you wrong. Say it. I know you feel it anyway. Is it so difficult to look at me and say… … what I desperately need to tell. But I … Има още

Wednesday Song Title Interpretation: La Luna

I love this song, I love the Moon and I took this picture last night. 🙂 Обичам тази песен, обичам Луната, а снимката направих миналата нощ. 🙂 Cee’s interpretation Inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge, Frizz and his AZ Archive and Didi and her Video Friday, I finaly decided to make my own challenge. Of course … Има още

A-Z Archive: W Challenge (Witch)

More W interpretations here.

Noetry: My Sunshine

Don’t forget me. You know, I’ll always somehow be yours, I’ll always dream of what won’t happen between you and me. Don’t turn me in farway past. Let it hurt you and last longer than you can ever take. Feel the deepest of this pain, break. No, my sunshine, I’m not cruel, that’s all you … Има още

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