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Story Challenge: Letter “A”

After we’ve been through the whole alphabet, Frizz decided to change a bit the challenge for the next round and asked us to add a story or a short reflection tagged with а certain letter. I decided to add short story for the pictures I’ve added for the previous round, plus I will add a poll.

For the letter A I posted a picture of Ainhoa. Ainhoa is a miracle baby. She’s a daughter of my Polish friend Andreia. When she was younger Andreia was diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes and the only way she could get pregnant was by in vitro. Andreia decided she probably won’t have children on her own. For a while she took care of a child she wanted to adopt with her boyfriend, but then she and her boyfriend split up and she couldn’t adopt the child on her own. When she met her husband, they decided to try the in vitro insemination. They had few unsuccessful tries, with each new of them Andreia was getting more and more disappointed and desperate. Then she finally got pregnant, but then she went through a miscarriage. She said she’s giving up, although her husband wanted to give one more try. Then Silvia, another friend of mine and the best friend of Andreia gave birth to her fourth child, it was a girl. Silvia decided to call her with the name of her friend – Andreia. The older Andreia was so touched by the gesture, that she decided to give one last try to the in vitro. She got pregnant and after 9 months of very difficult pregnancy and very hard birth the miracle Ainhoa was born! 🙂

Ainhoa and Andreia

My poll is connected to that theme – If you or your partner couldn’t conceive a child by the normal way, what would you think of first – adoption or in vitro insemination?

More A stories here.

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One thought on “Story Challenge: Letter “A”

  1. congrats for walking this difficult way successfully!
    I’ve been adopted …

    Posted by frizztext (@frizztext) | петък, 13 юли, 2012г., 13:21

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