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Story Challenge: Letter “B”

After we’ve been through the whole alphabet, Frizz decided to change a bit the challenge for the next round and asked us to add a story or a short reflection tagged with а certain letter. I decided to add short story for the pictures I’ve added for the previous round, plus I will add a poll.

For the letter B I posted a picture of Beach. I’ve always thought that every sea and ocean is a fascinating view and I always wanted to live somewhere close to the beach. Few years ago I moved for a while to Gran Canaria. Everywhere I lived there was close to the beach. And I loved to go to the Atlantic ocean and watch it. Shorter after that I realized that I really miss the view of the mountain. I am born in the small town Sopot, Bulgaria, which is just next Stara Planina mountain(the old name of the mountain – Balkan, has given the name of the whole Balkan peninsula). I have lived also in another Bulgarian city placed in mountain – Chepelare town in Rhodope mountain(legends says Orpheus was born in that mountain). So I am actually way more attached to the view of the green hill of the mountain than to the view of the blue waves of any ocean or sea. They are still amazingly beautiful, but I appeared to be a mountain girl. 🙂

Me at the beach of Atlantic ocean

My poll is – what kind view would you prefer to see from the window of your home – ocean or mountain?

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Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and the Sun prince.


7 thoughts on “Story Challenge: Letter “B”

  1. if you were by the ocean like in that photo then it would have to be the ocean

    Posted by Kyle | петък, 13 юли, 2012г., 16:29
  2. Both sea and mountain views appeal to me, but if I can have only 1 I think the mountains would also win

    Posted by Rosa | събота, 14 юли, 2012г., 15:52

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