Noetry: Compass

My first love was a man of the south.
Charming, but  couldn’t live without
vodka, whiskey, any of that kind.
Forgot to mention he was never only mine.
Second love was a man of the north.
He knew what was the things’ worth,
he was nice and able anything to understand,
but he left me, listening to his precious friends.
Third love was man from the centre.
He was the perfect dose gentle,
he was cleverer than many other guys,
but hasn’t worked a single day in his life.
Fourth love was man of the west
and so far he was just the best –
open minded, creative, just like me –
the only difference between us was he wore a wedding ring.
I guess the next one will be from the east.
Let’s hope he’ll be the real bliss,
because on my compass there’s no other directions.
Ok, I admit it, I seek non-existing perfection.

Sopot, Bulgaria
author: ©Sabina Braycheva
photo: internet

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About Rois

Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and the Sun prince.


2 thoughts on “Noetry: Compass

  1. That is sweet Rois. If East doesn’t work out any better, you’ll have to seek the marginals, NW, SE, NNW and so on… it’s a never ending love story 😉

    Posted by Ink. [Anette] | събота, 14 юли, 2012г., 3:33

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