Be Here Now

Andy Whitfield (17 October 1971 – 11 September 2011)

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Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and the Sun prince.


2 thoughts on “Be Here Now

  1. Thank you for publishing this video on this day of remembrance. I walked step by step with my oldest son several years ago in his fight with cancer. It cost him his life… and it forever changed mine. I appreciate what you have done here…

    Posted by Galen | вторник, 11 септември, 2012г., 16:38
    • To be honest I didn’t know anything about Andy until today. Last few days i was watching him in his role as Spartacus and I decided to check for more info about him. I was shocked to find out that he dies exactly one year ago. I watched this video and few more about him that I found in internet and it made me really sad… He seemed to be a great guy and talented actor. And also felt really sad about his wife and his two children. And because I find out about his death exactly one year later I just felt obligated to make a post like that. Thank for reading it and appreciating it.

      Posted by Rois | вторник, 11 септември, 2012г., 22:53

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