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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

It was my 21st birthday. I worked as a waitress in a small restaurant, I was at work when a delivery guy brought to me twenty-one roses from a secret admirer. On the card it was writen a nice poem and telephone number. I called him, but he was probably too ashamed to tell who he was. And I had boyfriend then so I wasn’t interested anyway. After an year I found out who he was. Nine years later he is still not telling me „hello“on the street, but hopefully he found his true love. But his twenty-one roses are one of the biggest gestures anyone has ever made for me. I still keep the roses.

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About Rois

Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and the Sun prince.


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

  1. Great looking gift! 🙂

    Posted by eof737 | вторник, 9 октомври, 2012г., 5:45


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