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Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

I am a creator who loves to do millions of things – to write poetry and stories, to take pictures, to cook, to create charts, avatars and so many other things. I don’t really have a photo of me doing any of those, normally I am the one who is holding the camera. I’ve been a creator all my life. And as many other creators I am chaotic and often don’t finish my works. It was my son who inspired me to start my blog and to gather together at least some of my creations, so I can show him the magical worlds that I have in my mind. So being a mom of my precious Moon elf is what really inspires me to keep blogging. 🙂

More Inspiration interpretations here.

About Rois

Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and the Sun prince.


9 thoughts on “Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

  1. Your best creations,I guess! Lol

    Posted by 76sanfermo | петък, 23 ноември, 2012г., 13:04
  2. What a beautiful shot of you and your little one… very happy! 🙂

    Posted by eof737 | вторник, 4 декември, 2012г., 22:06


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