Някакви, Trifecta


Saul Leiter, New York, 1950– So you came here to flash your new zirconium ring, pretending you’re married now.  – Astrid words were almost gritted through teeth. Hannah took a deep breath before she answer.
– Mum, you wore your cheap metal wedding ring for twenty years, always explaining to me it’s a symbol of your marriage. And you deny me the right to wear mine as a symbol of my marriage?
Astrid knew the truth about her daughter since many years ago, but she was still hoping it’s a temporary affection.
– Mine was real marriage!
– What made it more real than mine?
– Well, – Astrid looked triumphantly, convinced that she will defeat Hannah with her argument. – I’ve got papers to prove it was real!
– You always taught me family is with the people we love. I love Angela. We’ve been together for ten years, we have a home together, may be one day will raise a child together. We appear to be a family much longer before we’ve exchanged those stupid rings. – Hannah had promised herself to remain calm, but she began to lose her temper.
– Two women cannot do a family! There must be a man in the family, the men are those who lead. What will two women do without a man? They’ll get lost.
– Dad was on and off with you for twenty years. He was moving out home to different women and coming back to you when he was finishing his money, until he finally found woman more wealthy than you and left you permanently. He was the man to lead you! Are you not lost now?
Suddenly Hannah felt sorry for her mum and regretted her words. She lived too unhappy life to be able to understand happyness different from the one she was taught she must have. Hannah sighed. She had to tell Angela that Astrid again won’t accept the Christmas dinner invitation. But she knew Angela will understand. Like a family does.

Sopot, Bulgaria
author: ©Sabina Braycheva
photo: Saul Leiter, New York, 1950

Written for Trifecta and the challenge this week – the third definition of the word appear. Read more about it here.

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15 thoughts on “Family

  1. Wonderful story! It has an important lesson for all of us!

    Posted by Valerie | вторник, 28 май, 2013г., 17:25
  2. The edge of a hard place and a rock found its way to your scenario. Sad that it has to come to this some times with circumstances manifest of love. You wrote it well.

    Posted by k~ | вторник, 28 май, 2013г., 21:39
  3. The notion that a man is needed to make a woman strong is ridiculous and backwards. Great piece!

    Posted by Draug419 | сряда, 29 май, 2013г., 3:46
  4. For a non-native English speaker this is quite good. I hope the mother comes around one day.

    Thank you for linking up!

    Posted by trifectawriting | сряда, 29 май, 2013г., 4:03
    • Thank you, means a lot to me you said that, I’m still not very confident writting in English. The story is fiction but they are enough similar situations in real life, I also hope these parents will accept their children happyness one day.

      Posted by Rois | сряда, 29 май, 2013г., 11:56
  5. I don’t necessarily agree with the lifestyle, but I don’t believe I could turn my child away because of it. My children will always be mine regardless of their choices.

    Posted by jannatwrites | сряда, 29 май, 2013г., 6:59
  6. Never understand all the arguing – when it is so much nicer to be happy for people in love!

    Posted by KymmInBarcelona | четвъртък, 30 май, 2013г., 23:36
  7. Very good… maybe finally Hannah will understand.

    Posted by Björn Rudberg (brudberg) | петък, 31 май, 2013г., 14:35


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