Пишех името ти в дневник и не спях

kissСтари снимки, във малкия град.
Воайорствам твойто минало,
от което бях част и аз.
Към което твърдя че съм изстинала.
Стари снимки, много след полунощ.
Помня как ме гледаше така,
сякаш ме искаше още и още,
докато целуваше Диана една.
Помня как ме целуваше и след нея,
покрай всички твои любови там бях,
а аз да ти казвам „не“ не умеех.
Пишех името ти в дневник и не спях.
Стар диван… Там някъде у вас.
Беше една много студена зима.
И червените ми джинси, смачкани някъде под нас…
Тогава, знам, че до безкрайност съм те имала.
Стари снимки… Кажи ми нещо за футбол,
за секунда да не помним за семейства и деца,
дай ми повод за мисли, от които дълго да съм будна.
Поискай ме пак за малко, върни ми младостта…

гр. Сопот
автор: ©Събина Брайчева
photo: internet
вдъхновено от Lana Del Rey – „Gods and Monsters

About Rois

Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and the Sun prince.


3 thoughts on “Пишех името ти в дневник и не спях

  1. Your expressions of sensual thought are absolutely awesome! I do not understand Bulgarian… and the computer translators simply cannot capture the impact of what you are expressing. But I can see that you are opening yourself up to freedom of thought… and the temperature seems to rise a few degrees every time your work is read.

    Keep up the good work Sabina…


    Posted by Galen | сряда, 10 юли, 2013г., 4:55
    • I usualy don’t translate my works from Bulgarian to English, because I believe they will lose their charm in different language, but because of your incredible comment, I will translate this one, so you can have an idea what is it about. And thanks again for the lovely words.

      Old photos, in small town.
      I’m peeping at your past,
      I was part of it before,
      now I claim I feel nothing about it anymore.
      Old photos, long after midnight.
      I remember how you were looking at me
      like you were still wanting me more and more,
      while you were kissing a girl, called Diana.
      I remember you kissing me afer she was gone,
      around all your love stories – I was there,
      I did not have the skill to tell you ‘no“.
      I was writing your name in a diary and I wasn’t sleeping all night.
      Old sofa … Somewhere in your home.
      It was a very cold winter.
      And my red jeans crushed somewhere below us …
      Then, I know, I had you for eternity.
      Old photos … Tell me something about football
      and for just a second let’s forget for families and children.
      Give me a reason for thoughts that will keep me awake for a long time.
      Crave for me again just for a while, bring me back my youth …

      Posted by Rois | сряда, 10 юли, 2013г., 12:13
  2. Your poetry is very moving… very powerful…

    Thank you for your translation…
    Thank you for your thoughts…
    Thank you for your words…


    Posted by Galen | сряда, 10 юли, 2013г., 13:52

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