Letter to Abuser

sun_by_mala_lesbia-d3r7tswDon’t ring the bell. I won’t hear.
I left the stage.There’s no more fear
in the eyes of your daughter.
I grew up, dad. Now I can run from you like water.

Sopot, Bulgaria
author: ©Sabina Braycheva
inspired by Stained – Outside
photo: Sun by mala-lesbia

My submit for this week Trifextra challenge.

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Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and the Sun prince.


19 thoughts on “Letter to Abuser

  1. Very ;powerful post.

    Posted by Bryan Ens | събота, 20 юли, 2013г., 1:21
  2. So powerful and sad. Great job presenting a tough subject without delving into the maudlin!

    Posted by Ivy (Mommy Dourest) | събота, 20 юли, 2013г., 3:25
  3. I like how she can take care of herself now. Great work.

    Posted by Draug419 | събота, 20 юли, 2013г., 5:36
  4. Yes, very powerful. The word limit makes it even more so.

    Posted by freyathewriter | събота, 20 юли, 2013г., 22:09
  5. This says so much in so few words. In 33-words, I know that as a child, she was physically and/or emotionally abused by her father. as an adult, she bears scars from that relationship, and as an adult, she is able to assert her freedom and escape his tyranny. Beautifully done 🙂

    Posted by jannatwrites | неделя, 21 юли, 2013г., 9:15
  6. Wow … Says so much in so few ! Very powerful !

    Posted by shreyakashyap | неделя, 21 юли, 2013г., 18:01
  7. Taking back the power. I love this. Thanks for linking up.

    Posted by trifectawriting | неделя, 21 юли, 2013г., 21:45
  8. oooohhh this was good! My own relationship with my father rang out through your 33 words. It is such a shining self-reward for an abuse survivor to forgive the abuser and move on with their life.

    Posted by shawnbrucepruett | неделя, 21 юли, 2013г., 23:22
    • I am glad that someone who had actually been through this likes this work, because now I know I sensed the things somehow. Although I am sorry for what you’ve been through. I have to admit it’s more fiction than real story. I have some very distant flashing memories for which I am not sure where are they taking me and what exactly happened in the past, I guess this poem it’s just the way I think i would feel if I was sure.

      Posted by Rois | понеделник, 22 юли, 2013г., 0:20
  9. `Most unexpected to Me but vibrant and effective.

    Posted by Let's CUT the Crap! | понеделник, 22 юли, 2013г., 0:52
  10. wow! there is a backstory here for sure.

    Posted by barbara | понеделник, 22 юли, 2013г., 2:44

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