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White cat, by Paul_ (shin.ogata) – That little devil! – said Anna’s mum after failed attempt to charm the white cat, that finished with the animal hissing at her.
– Mum! – Anna revolted. – Don’t call her like that.
– Well, I won’t use the name you’ve chosen, Angel is a ridiculous name for a cat.
Anna did not choose this name just like that. She has never been a cat person before. Not until the strange dreams started. Dreams filled with all kind of dark demons, monsters, ghosts, convincing her that she’s a daughter of the devil. They were warning her that she has to choose a side, that being a daughter of a supernatural creature is forcing her to be bad or good, she cannot stay in between, staying in between makes her unprotected and who knows what might happen to her. It was just a dream, Anna was telling to her every morning, but the thought of it wasn’t leaving her for even a second during the day. Especially when those incidents started – squeezed her finger at the office’s door, tripped and fell down few stairs, a colleague of her accidentally hit her car at the parking. And again, in the night, creatures were telling her that she has been warned and she has to choose.
She remembered a quote from her favorite movie „Constantine“ saying that the cats are good because they’re half here, half at the other side. A cat will protect me, Anna thought, and when she saw that white cat at the pet shop she took it immediately and gave it a name that will keep away devil’s messengers.

During the night, the white cat came to Anna’s bed and while she was sleeping it chewed through her carotid artery. The cat was indeed half here, half at the other side. The devil’s side. And the devil would prefer his creations death than not choosing his side.

Angel was a really ridiculous name for that cat.

Sopot, Bulgaria
author: ©Sabina Braycheva
photo: White cat, by Paul_ (shin.ogata)

My submit for this week Trifecta challenge.

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Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and the Sun prince.


11 thoughts on “Angel

  1. Chewing through an artery–yikes! I would have chucked the cat long ago.

    Posted by Draug419 | вторник, 23 юли, 2013г., 16:58
  2. In some countries, white cats are seen as unlucky. This is probably the reason why; they’re artery-chomping felines.

    Thank you for linking up! Please remember to return for the voting!

    Posted by trifectawriting | вторник, 23 юли, 2013г., 17:21
  3. Did not see that twist coming. Makes me look at my own cat a little skew.

    Posted by Tara R. | вторник, 23 юли, 2013г., 21:11
  4. Well that’s scary (and painful)! I didn’t expect that the cat would be on the ‘other team.’ I hope none of my 3 cats get any devilish ideas while I sleep.

    Posted by jannatwrites | вторник, 23 юли, 2013г., 21:35
  5. Ah, here, black cats are suspect. Idiots do awful things to black cats. I was struck by the idea of white cats’ nature. Enjoyed.

    Posted by LaTonya M. Baldwin | четвъртък, 25 юли, 2013г., 3:42


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