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A-Z Archive: T Challenge (Time and Temperature)

More T interpretations here.

A-Z Archive: S Challenge (S is for me and my life)

S is the letter of my life. Sabina is my real name. Sopot is my hometown. Simon is the man that I love more than any other(except my son). I met the father of my son in San Fernando, Spain. The hometown of the father of my son is Salvador, Brazil. Simon Martin is the … Има още

A-Z Archive: R Challenge (Rainbow)

More R interpretations here.

A-Z Archive: Q Challenge (Quote)

God gives every bird its food, but he doesnt throw it into its nest. More Q interpretations here.

A-Z Archive: P Challenge (Path)

More P interpretations here.

A-Z Archive: O Challenge (Oatmeal)

More O interpretation here.

A-Z Archive: N Challenge (Natalie In Progress)

No, this is not Natalie :). This is my sister(her blog) pregnant with her daughter Natalie. Unfortunatelly I still haven’t seen my niece, except on pictures and web cameras, so I still haven’t taken any photos of her. 😦 They live too faraway from me but hopefully they’ll come to visit for my son’s birthday. … Има още

A-Z Archive: M Challenge (Muffins)

My muffins 😀 Oatmeal apple muffins Oatmeal banana muffins Tangerine muffins Three colours muffins(cocoa, srawberries and pumpkin) Cocoa muffins with vanilla icing Pumpkin muffins with chocolate icing Corn cheese muffins Corn honey muffins Corn, honey, banana and coconut muffins Raisins and dates muffins More M interpretations here.

A-Z Archive: L Challenge (Lake)

Presa de las Niñas, Gran Canaria, Spain More L interpretations here.

A-Z Archive: K Challenge (Knitted)

Many old women in Bulgaria love to knit. I cannot do it myself, but my grandmother knitted this wonderful baby slippers for my son. More K interpretations here.

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