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Noetry: Just friend

– Please just stop these senseless conversations. And be serious just for a while. Stop and listen ‘cause I’m about to burn some nations. And I can’t do it when I see your smile. Stop and look ‘cause it  might be the last time, you might get scared, you might misunderstand, but I can’t just … Има още

Noetry: Hope

You hope for rain, at least for cloud, to free for a day your unliving heart, to see my face in the light of the day, to see if my wrinkles will still let you stay. You hope for an eclipse to have lunch with me, in stead of waking me up recklessly for midnight … Има още

Noetry: Compass

My first love was a man of the south. Charming, but  couldn’t live without vodka, whiskey, any of that kind. Forgot to mention he was never only mine. Second love was a man of the north. He knew what was the things’ worth, he was nice and able anything to understand, but he left me, … Има още

Noetry: Thore

You smiled and then you said: I don’t believe we’ve met. I don’t believe that too. I would remember eyes that make me drool. Did I invite you visit me at home?, you asked while writing down my phone, after ten days of making passionate steam, untill your holiday was over. Next month I flied … Има още

Noetry: Orange

Waiting for the orange to appear. God, I wish I knew you won’t be here! Hope you saved the night to kiss your beloved one. Or probably you missed to tell me you got night shift today. May be through your phone you’ll go online to say not to wait for you and not to … Има още

Noetry: Breaking heart

You broke my heart. Oh, yes, you did! Not being apart is not always enough, isn’t it? All night I’m yours in a way many can’t understand. But your soul can. That’s making it worse, isn’t it? Who said it’s impossible to love one you’ve never touched? Why nobody warned me pretending could cost me … Има още

Noetry: My Sunshine

Don’t forget me. You know, I’ll always somehow be yours, I’ll always dream of what won’t happen between you and me. Don’t turn me in farway past. Let it hurt you and last longer than you can ever take. Feel the deepest of this pain, break. No, my sunshine, I’m not cruel, that’s all you … Има още

Noetry: I Wish You Had

I wish you had tried to stop me, to fight with no fear, to provoke me, to make the things up like I didn’t have a choise, to forget for a moment that reasonable voice. Oh, I know, don’t explain me – you did it with love, to protect me of craving what you can’t … Има още

Noetry: Internet Love

I’m 17, single, black-eyed, talk to me, get to know me, give it a try. I’ll tell you some secrets, some dreams, some desires. I may even fall in love with your eyes’ fire. Don’t ask me to meet you, don’t risk disappointment, I’m perfect in internet, who knows for the real life. Oh, I … Има още

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