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Video Friday: Norman Reedus Presented by Contentmode/Syrup films

Безпаметно съм влюбена, безпаметно! Как в кого – в Норман Рийдъс, разбира се! Не съм си мислела, че на 30 години мога да се прехласна толкова сериозно по известна личност, ама ей го на – можело. Ще се наложи да ме изтърпите, докато ми мине. 😀 Video Friday

Video Friday: Полет за двама

Отдавна не съм се включвала в предиззвикателството на Диди Video Friday. Днес обаче случайно попаднах на това видео, има още много подобни в интернет. НЕ е реклама, въпреки ,че има телефон накрая на клипа, изобщо не познавам човека, който предлага скоковете в тандем. Пускам клипа полузасрамена от факта, че това се случва над моя град … Има още

Video Friday: Bulgarian Anthem

This video brings me back more than 16 years ago, when Bulgaria had great national football team. This is the begining of qualification for EURO’96 and we won against Germany with result 3:2, after we were losing with 0:2 after the first half. All Bulgarians were watching football by that time and were proud with our … Има още

Video Friday: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

When Heath Ledger died, he broke my heart. I cried for days every time I thought he’s gone. And not because is very fashionable to say for famous death people how great they were. Heath was for me one of these favorite celebrities, that you feel unexplainable attracted to them, you feel like you already … Има още

Video Friday: Fade To Black – Harp performance

Harp music brings me to another worlds and inspires me. Here’s Metallica’s song, performed on a harp. Magical to me.

Video Friday: Bleeding Me

This week I’m taking part in Didi’s Video Friday challenge with e concert performance. „Bleeding Me“ is my favorite song of Metallica and this is the best performance of the song I’ve ever heard. You can hear not only the members of the band performing here but also San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. It’s a great … Има още

Video Friday: Let’s Go To The Mall

I watched five seasons of the TV show „How I Met Your Mother“ and then I stopped. According to my taste, they just lost the spark and stopped being that funny. But before they really used to make me laugh 😀 . Here’s one of the funniest thing – the video of the non-existing in … Има още

Video Friday: Albena and Maxim

A bit late today, but I finally found time to post my video for this Video Friday, which is weekly challenge by my dear friend Didi. This is how Albena Denkova and Maxim Staviski became World Champions in year 2007 for second time in a roll. This is my favorite performance of them two. She … Има още

Video Friday: Going Through The Motions

I admit – the TV series Buffy, The Vampire Slayer is not really the most interesting one. Even I, who love all kind of vampire and supernatural stuff ignored it for a long time. Until one day I accidentally watched the musical episode of the show. Many TV series make a musical episode, but I’ve … Има още

Video Friday: Why Is The Rum Gone?

Usualy I don’t like remixes like that. But this one  somehow sounds really fun to me. And also I love that movie. 😀

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