English corner

I have to apologise to my non-Bulgarian readers (if there are any, of course 🙂 ) for being such a Cyrilic-writing fan, but you have to agree – it’s much easier to have your blog in your own language. But here’s a little piece of my blog where you can find links to the all articles in English I’ve posted.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

Youtube-must-see: Пауза за смях (fun time)

In Da Hood 🙂

Дърво под прозореца / Tree outside my window

The sun doesn’t shine for everyone

Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility


Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

Little bedouin / Малкия бедуин

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

Гледки от западния бряг / View from the west coast

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows


Just a little bit Vampire Diaries fun

El Hierro Volcano eruption: New Canary Island emerges as underwater volcano rises | Mail Online

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder of love

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder of new life

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder of nature

Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

Dia da Bandeira do Brasil/Day of Brazilian Flag/Ден на бразилското знаме

Baby faces

I really wanted to be more effective in this project, but it seems I don’t have enough time for it. Someday I may continue with it, but not now.


3 thoughts on “English corner

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    Posted by Foensesmefs | петък, 2 декември, 2011г., 20:57
  2. I think it’s great that you blog in two languages. I can only do English. I don’t know enough of any other language to converse in it. I just wanted to tell you I enjoy reading it 🙂

    Posted by jannatwrites | вторник, 23 юли, 2013г., 21:39

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