Read in English and more

I had the wonderfull idea to translate all my articles in English. And I still hope, that someday I’ll do it. But it appears that it takes awfully long time and I don’t have much of it. So here it is a kind of solution – Google translator. Of course, sometimes it will make no sense to you, but it will help to understand a bit more.

Google translation: English

Google translation: Español

Google translation: Português

Google translation: Češky

Google translation: Pусский

Google translation: Deutsch

Google translation: Norske

Google translation: Française

Google translation: Svenska

Google translation: Mакедонски 😉

And soon more!


2 thoughts on “Read in English and more

  1. I should do the same in my blog 🙂
    Once again I want to thank you for joining my tag 🙂 Your blog is very nice!
    And I really dont know why am I writing in English 😀

    Posted by WomanBerry | петък, 2 август, 2013г., 18:14
    • 😀 Glad you like the blog, it’s a bit chaotic, but contains all kind of stuff that runs through my head. When I started it I had the idea to make every post in both Bulgarian and English, but it takes too much time :D. I must say that I love the way you write in your blog and also the video posts, even made me be more interested in cosmetics. 😀

      Once again, why do we comment in English? 😀

      Posted by Rois | петък, 2 август, 2013г., 22:21

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