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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Renewing the generations More Renewal interpretations here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

More Big interpretations here.

Sunday Post: Morning

My son in the morning, when he was 9 months old. More Morning interpretations here.

Wednesday Song Title Interpretation: Pretty Eyes

Lately it’s been crazy busy around and I am totally out of inspiration. But this wednesday  I finally found time to make post for my own challenge. I love the song and on the picture is my absolutely gorgeous niece Natalie and her amazing blue eyes! Напоследък съм ужасно заета и нямам никакво вдъхновение. Но … Има още

Sunday Post: Silence

More Silence interpretations here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

I tried my best to reduce the pictures to a minimal number, but I can’t go with less than five. 🙂 Daniela, Andrea and Suhayla – children of my friends. Me and one of my best friends Marina, celebrating New Year. This picture is not taken by me but it is very dear to me. … Има още

Честит първи рожден ден, мое любимо дете!

Ониксови очи Била съм безумно, безкрайно различна, дори на моменти била съм обичана, била съм и нужна, извисено успяла, но никога сякаш не бях била цяла. И бродех, претърсвах неуморно всемира, сърцето си давах, за да намирам онези ръце, очи, усмивка, глас, за които да кажа, че живея и аз. Днес знам, носила съм го … Има още

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

More Journey interpretations here.

A-Z Archive: N Challenge (Natalie In Progress)

No, this is not Natalie :). This is my sister(her blog) pregnant with her daughter Natalie. Unfortunatelly I still haven’t seen my niece, except on pictures and web cameras, so I still haven’t taken any photos of her. 😦 They live too faraway from me but hopefully they’ll come to visit for my son’s birthday. … Има още

Wednesday Song Title Interpretation: Just The Two Of Us

I know I am posting too many pictures of my son, but I just can’t resist it, he’s the biggest part of my life right now and will probably be this way for long time. I don’t expect only child-parent photos, it may be whatever you decide – love couple, best friends, you and your … Има още

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