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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

My beloved man with my beloved sons. More Beloved interpretations here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

What’s better than love for breakfast? 🙂 More Morning interpretations you can find here.


I miss your touch. I miss the fear you may not call, that end is near. I miss not knowing what will come. And now I know. And it is done. I miss feeling insecure. I miss trembling, wanting more. I miss fainting in your hands. I miss trying to make you my friend. I … Има още

My Sweet November

My sweet November night… I remember the cold, and there was no light, and I was so bold… My sweet November bliss… May be there was wind, but I couldn’t stop kiss your lips when you grinned. My sweet November dream… We were sitting on your car, I was only seventeen and you were the … Има още

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Love between first cousins – my son Simon Martin and my niece Natalie. More Between interpretations here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

There’s nothing more beautiful than the art of love. More Work of Art interpretations here.

Never was

I’m not yours. I never was. I’ve never truly believed. You were not savior, but thief. You didn’t want to earn, only to take. I cried because of that. Then started to fake. 06.07.2013 Sopot, Bulgaria author: ©Sabina Braycheva inspired by Dead Combo – „Esse Olhar Que era So Teu“ photo: Vika Bakirova My submit … Има още

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

All of these pictures has already been used in another posts, but they are my favorite „love“ images. More Love interpretations here.

Quotes and phrases/Цитати фрази: Love me when I don’t deserve it…

Swedish proverb

Аватарна – Love Knows No Gender, любов и чадъри, момиче на плажа

Много си харесвам последната комбинация аватар и подпис, с кяото се подвизавам в бг-мама, тя е в покрепа на борбата срещу дискриминето на основа сексуална ориентация. Аватар: Подпис: В съчетание: Произведенийце на тема „любов и чадъри“. Аватар: Подпис:   Творение „момиче на плажа“. Аватар: Подпис:  

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