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I miss your touch. I miss the fear you may not call, that end is near. I miss not knowing what will come. And now I know. And it is done. I miss feeling insecure. I miss trembling, wanting more. I miss fainting in your hands. I miss trying to make you my friend. I … Има още

Вслушай се в „не трябва“(превод)

По принцип нямам влечение към правенето на художествени преводи, освен ако не става въпрос за собствените ми произведения. Това особено много важи за чуждата поезия, защото смятам че магията от ритъма на един стих на определен език е почти невъзможно или много трудно би могла да се предаде при превода на друг език. Въпреки това … Има още

My Sweet November

My sweet November night… I remember the cold, and there was no light, and I was so bold… My sweet November bliss… May be there was wind, but I couldn’t stop kiss your lips when you grinned. My sweet November dream… We were sitting on your car, I was only seventeen and you were the … Има още

I Live In Poems

May be I was born here, in the middle of lies and fear, but inside me I know – here has never meant to be my home. I may not have fairy wings but after my shoes the ground sings. I may not have halo or a magic power, but in my eyes you see … Има още

Few Of Us

Don’t tell me I’m born to be good. Don’t tell me I’ll save the light. They are people that will if they could. But me… I give up without fight. They are few of us, you know, that will never find any glory, that will never know anything to show, that will never be reason … Има още


Don’t look in the mirror, I know what you seek, that kid with the future, so clever and brave, that kid with the bright eyes, that felt so unique, that wanted the world and never longed safety. You’ve never felt safe. The kid is long gone, the mirror is darkened and you think in black. … Има още

Candy Dragon

Something in my cup of tea… Nothing’s sweet enough for me! Sugar, honey – all disappear! Candy dragon may live here. Tomorrow I’ll be prepared – cookies with it for breakfast to share! 26.10.2013 Sopot, Bulgaria author: ©Sabina Braycheva photo: Candy Dragon by silverfall My submit for this week Trifextra challenge.

Attempt At Haiku

Sweet September. Rain, leaves, birthday cake, cold nights. I’m an Autumn’s child. 01.09.2013 Sopot, Bulgaria author: ©Sabina Braycheva photo: Sabina Braycheva My submit for this week Trifextra challenge.

You’ll Be

My heart will stop when you appear. You’ll wake all hopes and all the fears. You’ll be the devil, and the king, you’ll make me scream, you’ll make me sing. You’ll make me run, you’ll make me stay you’ll make me curse, you’ll make me pray. You’ll be the doomed, the most desired, but never … Има още

No Fear

Translation in English of this poem of mine. I saw suns. I saw oceans. I lived with no fear. I lived in dramas. I lived for me. And against me. I had a cold breath. And inhaled on time. I had power. I had light. And I put it out. To be reborn. I had … Има още

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