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Cheap Blonde Hair

I know you’re after my cheap blond hair. Come on, get closer, make everyone stare. No, I am not a girl that will show any class, just come closer before a better offer pass. I’ll do to you things others can’t even pronounce. Don’t need to respect me, if you want to stand a chance. … Има още


Come and get me. I’m tired to pretend I have an endless fire. My hands and my feet are so cold, in desperate need to be hold. Come and get me. I can’t keep pretending I understand, keep pretending I can be the other, keep pretending that you being married doesn’t matter. Come and get … Има още

Renga poems: Showers

When you tell me how much you love me we are always under the shower. You want the noisy water to hide the words you long to tell to me. This hidden confession is filling my empty life. 2004 author: Sabina Braycheva photo: Pinterest Long time ago I was part of my first internet forum, … Има още

Renga poems: Sword

From the sun of ancient skies to the darkness of present wars we still defending our worlds we still have our inner sword. But we still haven’t learn not to kill . 2004 author: Sabina Braycheva photo: Pinterest Long time ago I was part of my first internet forum, where we used to do this … Има още

I knew right there

I do remember like it was yesterday, it was so hot, at some lost gas station. You left the car and went to pay, I watched your back and dove in imagination. You were no perfect, not too young, not too noble, not a knight, and yet nothing else I wanted to be mine, and … Има още

Noetry: Just friend

– Please just stop these senseless conversations. And be serious just for a while. Stop and listen ‘cause I’m about to burn some nations. And I can’t do it when I see your smile. Stop and look ‘cause it  might be the last time, you might get scared, you might misunderstand, but I can’t just … Има още

The only time when I knew who I am was with you

The only time when I knew who I am was with you. And I know after you it will be just pale imitation. You were more that I dreamed in my dreams to come true. You were rebirth, nirvana, apocalypse, salvation. I’ll always want you. No matter what or who. Even if for a moment … Има още

Noetry: Hope

You hope for rain, at least for cloud, to free for a day your unliving heart, to see my face in the light of the day, to see if my wrinkles will still let you stay. You hope for an eclipse to have lunch with me, in stead of waking me up recklessly for midnight … Има още

Your eyes were mine…

Your eyes were mine… I remember them shine everytime when I said you’re the best thing I’ve ever met. Your eyes were mine… Did you ever cry for not staying with me forever? Did you ever think with me would be better? Your eyes were mine… Something in me wanted to die, when I met you … Има още

Noetry: Compass

My first love was a man of the south. Charming, but  couldn’t live without vodka, whiskey, any of that kind. Forgot to mention he was never only mine. Second love was a man of the north. He knew what was the things’ worth, he was nice and able anything to understand, but he left me, … Има още

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