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I miss your touch. I miss the fear you may not call, that end is near. I miss not knowing what will come. And now I know. And it is done. I miss feeling insecure. I miss trembling, wanting more. I miss fainting in your hands. I miss trying to make you my friend. I … Има още

My Sweet November

My sweet November night… I remember the cold, and there was no light, and I was so bold… My sweet November bliss… May be there was wind, but I couldn’t stop kiss your lips when you grinned. My sweet November dream… We were sitting on your car, I was only seventeen and you were the … Има още

Two words

I play with words, I live through them, I make them hurt, build them in frames, which I crush, or they crush me. They make me „hushhh“, they make me scream. I’m born for words, to draw and twist sometimes we flirt to devilish kiss, sometimes they turn me into slave. They give me thrones, … Има още

You’ll Be

My heart will stop when you appear. You’ll wake all hopes and all the fears. You’ll be the devil, and the king, you’ll make me scream, you’ll make me sing. You’ll make me run, you’ll make me stay you’ll make me curse, you’ll make me pray. You’ll be the doomed, the most desired, but never … Има още

Cheap Blonde Hair

I know you’re after my cheap blond hair. Come on, get closer, make everyone stare. No, I am not a girl that will show any class, just come closer before a better offer pass. I’ll do to you things others can’t even pronounce. Don’t need to respect me, if you want to stand a chance. … Има още


Come and get me. I’m tired to pretend I have an endless fire. My hands and my feet are so cold, in desperate need to be hold. Come and get me. I can’t keep pretending I understand, keep pretending I can be the other, keep pretending that you being married doesn’t matter. Come and get … Има още

I knew right there

I do remember like it was yesterday, it was so hot, at some lost gas station. You left the car and went to pay, I watched your back and dove in imagination. You were no perfect, not too young, not too noble, not a knight, and yet nothing else I wanted to be mine, and … Има още

The only time when I knew who I am was with you

The only time when I knew who I am was with you. And I know after you it will be just pale imitation. You were more that I dreamed in my dreams to come true. You were rebirth, nirvana, apocalypse, salvation. I’ll always want you. No matter what or who. Even if for a moment … Има още

Noetry: Orange

Waiting for the orange to appear. God, I wish I knew you won’t be here! Hope you saved the night to kiss your beloved one. Or probably you missed to tell me you got night shift today. May be through your phone you’ll go online to say not to wait for you and not to … Има още

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