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My Sweet November

My sweet November night… I remember the cold, and there was no light, and I was so bold… My sweet November bliss… May be there was wind, but I couldn’t stop kiss your lips when you grinned. My sweet November dream… We were sitting on your car, I was only seventeen and you were the … Има още

I Live In Poems

May be I was born here, in the middle of lies and fear, but inside me I know – here has never meant to be my home. I may not have fairy wings but after my shoes the ground sings. I may not have halo or a magic power, but in my eyes you see … Има още

Обещания, статистика и две години Роис се губи сред музите

И ето, че някак неусетно моя изгубен сред музите блог, стана на цели две години! Признавам, че все по-малко му отделям време, просто то се оказва дефицитно и не успявам да пиша за всичко, за което ми се пише. Все пак се надявам някой ден това да е възможно да се промени. Също така ме … Има още

Trifecta Introduction

This post is specifically aimed to my trifectan friends, I just entered this writing community few weeks ago. Since I participated in few Trifecta challenges(actually mostly Trifextra challenges 🙂 ), I decided it is about time to answer some introduction questions, in case people wants to know a bit more about me. Few words about … Има още

Wednesday Song Title Interpretation: Boys, Boys, Boys

I was looking at some really old pictures and I got this idea 🙂 . Some of the boys are my ex-boyfriends, the others are just friends :). The song I heard long time ago for first time, but I watched the video just few months ago and I finally understood why people, especially men, … Има още

Wednesday Song Title Interpretation: Suicide Blonde

Thursday is Wednesday this week 😀 . And I am in deep narcisstic mood :D. Тази седмица четвъртък е сряда. А аз съм нарцистично настроена 😀 . Fraqueza’s interpretations – here. Inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge, Frizz and his AZ Archive and Didi and her Video Friday, I finaly decided to make my own challenge. … Има още

Една година Rois се губи сред музите

Всъщност е много повече от една година, по-скоро към тридесет, но от една година това става официално. Какво имам предвид ли? Моят любим блог навършва днес първата си годинка. Кой да повярва, че ще бъда достатъчно постоянна, за да поддържам свой проект вече една година 😀 … Лично аз не смятах, че го очакват повече … Има още

Happy Birthday to me and Beyonce!

Sunday Post: Reflection

Me, six months pregnant More Reflection interpretations here.

Sunday Post: Black & White

Self-portrait More Black & White interpretations here.

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