Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge: Plots

More about the challenge here.

This will be a true challenge for me due to English is not my mother language, I think I write much better in Bulgarian, but I’ll do my best.

Pat always knew this day would come.

1. Every time she looked at the miror she remembered of the dreams she had every night and of the different world that she was entering. Everytime when she woke up she was wondering if this or the dream was the reality. At night, when she was asleep, very often she was seeing people from her real life in unusual for them roles – her ex-boss was powerful wizard, her ex-boyfriend was knight of the Devil, her room-mate was princess of faraway kingdom. „Nothing strange“, Pat was thinking in the begining, ït’s just reflection of who I see in the daytime.“. In her dreams she always stayed in a castle, who’s owner was elf, called Salvian. He was her guide in this strange universe, he was explaining her about the places they’ve been visiting and the people they’ve been meeting. She knew him for ten years, that was for how long she kept dreaming these dreams. The psychologist she told about the dreams explained to her that this is nothing but subconsciousness and Salvian is probably her desire to have stable relationship with a man. Pat never believed that. It was to real not to be true. She knew the two universes sooner or later will mix. And here it is, Salvian was standing in front of her, talking to her colleague, dressed normal, with normal haircut but with the same elvish face that she was seeing every night.

2.Everytime when James was raising voice at him, everytime when he was forbidding something, Pat knew that sooner or later his boyfriend will become too aggresive and will hit him. He knew it will be now. Normally James was yelling at him, this time he just stood up and without even telling a word, slapped Pat’s face. Pat couldn’t say a word. He remembered how angry his father became when he told him he’s gay, he remembered him saying he doesn’t want faget in his home and until he doesn’t fix what’s wrong with him not to come back home. Pat had no where to go. James was all he’s got. James was like a salvation for him when they met and he looked like the gorgeous prince that Pat was waiting to save him from his unhappy childhood. But the prince had too many rules, too many prohibitions. Pat prayed everyday he will never hit him, but he knew it’s just a matter of time. But now when that happened Pat still didn’t want to belive his savior could do this to him and he blamed himself for not being able to do what James asked him.

3. Since the first day when she found out she is pregnant she knew her child will never be able to escape from what was prepared for the royal heirs in this land. Now her son was 13 years old. They’ve traveled a lot, they’ve moved to a different cities and she never mentioned to anyone she was King Ochrim’s daughter. Her son neither knew who his true relatives are. She never said her true name to anyone. But somehow the spies of Ashkunav had found him and now they came to take him for his 4 years long education in the Western Castle. Her son, Nit, couldn’t understand why they came for him, all his life he was thinking he and his mother are just simple people and everyone knew only royal heirs receive the honour to be tought in Ashkunav’s Castle. Pat couldn’t tell him the truth and why she left pregnant her father’s kingdom and why Nit’s father wasn’t with them, so she lied that it was given award to a random plain boy to study with the princes and the princesses and by luck he was the choosen one.

About Rois

Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and the Sun prince.


2 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: Plots

  1. Marvelous!!! I could really feel each one!

    Posted by Cee Neuner | понеделник, 2 април, 2012г., 19:41

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