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Heart Touching Poetry

woman writing
They are three things that would make people cry when they are reading your poetry. First one is to write with an aching heart. Second one is to write when you suffer an aching heart. And the third one – write with an aching heart.
– Sabina Braycheva

My submit for this week Trifextra challenge.
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12 thoughts on “Heart Touching Poetry

  1. That’s sad, but it’s true that some peeps’ work is born out of the roughest circumstances.

    Posted by Draug419 | събота, 29 юни, 2013г., 5:00
  2. Pain is the greatest muse, and maybe it’s because pain reaches across cultural/language/gender/class barriers so well. Nice writing!

    Posted by kdillmanjones | събота, 29 юни, 2013г., 18:20
  3. angst makes for good poetry. Well done.

    Posted by barbara | събота, 29 юни, 2013г., 23:48
  4. To ache is to feel. To feel is to be alive. To be alive is to experience it all. Thanks for writing such a good poem.

    Posted by Tom MacInnes (@cobourgcobbie) | неделя, 30 юни, 2013г., 5:18
  5. When emotions are ufiltered and put into words, it does affect the reader.

    Posted by jannatwrites | неделя, 30 юни, 2013г., 8:04
  6. Beaucoup d’entre nous ont été touchés un jour par quelques poésies.

    Posted by vraievraie | сряда, 3 юли, 2013г., 4:22

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