Wednesday Song Title Interpretation

Wednesday Song Title Interpretation: Memories

This song is very special to me because it reminds me of a man who perfectly suited me, but we had just a short affair although we kept calling one another for months, telling how much we miss each other. It was impossible to be together, we belong to different ethnicities and religions. It never was a problem for me, but it would’ve been for his family. Even before I met him, I always was against people being divided by race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. Today I believe a man who can’t fight with his family’s prejudices for our love, doesn’t really love me. Anyway, he has a birthday today, and I really thought I loved him once and he’ll always be somehow special to me.
On the pictures – my grandparents, my aunt and my father.

Тази песен е много специална за мен, защото ми напомня на един мъж, с който идеално си пасвахме, но историята ни беше много кратка, въпреки, че продължавахме да си звъним, един на друг със месеци, за да си кажем колко си липсваме. Беше невъзможно да сме заедно, принадлежим на различни етноси и религии. Това никога не е било проблем за мен, но щеше да бъде за семейството му. Дори преди да го срещна винаги съм била против това хората да се делят според своята раса, етнос, религия или сексуална ориентация. Днес вярвам, че мъж, който не се бори с предразсъдъците на семейството си в името на нашата любов, не ме обича истински. Но както и да е, днес той има рожден ден, а някога наистина мислих, че го обичам и той винаги ще бъде специален за мен по някакъв начин.
На снимките – баба ми, дядо ми, леля ми и баща ми.

Inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge, Frizz and his AZ Archive and Didi and her Video Friday, I finaly decided to make my own challenge. Of course everyone is invited to join, I’ll be happy to welcome followers, but if there aren’t any, I’ll continue doing it myself. 🙂 If you miss to post on Wednesday, don’t worry – you can catch up another day.

What is all about – every Wednesday I’ll give a song title as a topic for interpretations. You can improvise in whatever way you want – you can post photo(yours or just one you like), a drawing, a collage, you can write an article, a poem, a short story and etc. Just whatever it comes first when you here that title. Hope you’ll enjoy my interpretations. 🙂
Find all the topics here.

Вдъхновенa от Weekly Photo Challenge, Frizz и неговият AZ Archive и Didi и нейния Video Friday, най-накрая реших да направя мое собствено предизвикателство. Разбира се, всички са поканени да се присъединят, ще се радвам да приветствам последователи, но ако все пак няма такива, ще продължат сама. 🙂 А ако не успеете да публикувате в сряда, може да си наваксате следващите дни.
Какво представлява предизвикателството – всяка сряда аз ще ви предлагам заглавие на песен, като тема за интерпретации. Можете да импровизирате по какъвто начин искате – можете да публикувате снимка (ваша или чужда, която ви харесва), рисунка, колаж, можете да напишете статия, стихотворение, кратък разказ и т.н. Просто каквото ви дойде на ум, когато чуете съответното заглавие. Надявам се, ще са ви интересни и моите тълкувания. 🙂
Вижте всички теми тук.

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Song Title Interpretation: Memories

  1. i sympathise with your story. There has to be compromise / agreement on both sides of any realtionship – if he wasn’t able to move then, sad though it was at the time, you made the best choice. My wife and I have both experienced the occasional ‘odd’ reaction from people who either didn’t understand why we are together or who have an issue with that mixed race situation. But the vast majority accept us for who we are and our ‘mixed’ relationship. I suspect it’s a bit easier in the UK than in some other parts of the world.

    Posted by 2e0mca | вторник, 29 май, 2012г., 23:26
    • I think the most important think in mixed couples is how the partners are feeling about the other’s differences. If you are worried of your beloved one’s race ot religion or whatever, you’ll also find it hard to find approvement from the society. Obviously you and your wife feel perfectly fine with who the other is. Congrats about that! Unfortunatelly, my case wasn’t like that, although the guy is ethnic Turkish – plenty of them in my country for hundreds of years but still some of them and some of the Bulgarians has a problem with the acceptance of the others.
      The good thing is that story didn’t change my mind and I still don’t care of details like race or religion, probably that’s why I have my beautiful mixed race son. 🙂 Thank for sharing your opinion and experience with me! 🙂

      Posted by Rois | сряда, 30 май, 2012г., 2:06

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