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Story Challenge: Letter “C”

After we’ve been through the whole alphabet, Frizz decided to change a bit the challenge for the next round and asked us to add a story or a short reflection tagged with а certain letter. I decided to add short story for the pictures I’ve added for the previous round, plus I will add a poll.

For the letter C I posted a picture of Cats. As I’ve said before, cats are the most amazing animals to me – inteligent, gracius, misterious. I love dogs too. I love all kind of animals. But I am mostly a cat person. 😀 I read somethng somewhere, I don’t remmember who the author was, but it was something like that:
The dog is thinking – „These people are giving me shelter, giving me food and water, taking care of me, playing with me, loving me – they must be gods.“
The cat is thinking – „These people are giving me shelter, giving me food water, taking care of me, playing with me, loving me – I must be god.“

My poll is – are you a cat or a dog person?

More C stories here.


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Ithil' quessir or Moon elf, mum of the Moon prince and the Sun prince.


12 thoughts on “Story Challenge: Letter “C”

  1. Cool photo their eyes look like the background. Cats are cute but I will always remain a dog person.

    Posted by Gobetween | сряда, 18 юли, 2012г., 7:28
  2. Love it!!! And I didn’t answer your poll because I’m both a cat and a dog person!

    Posted by Stephen Kelly Creative | сряда, 18 юли, 2012г., 18:35
  3. On your quiz I put dog person…but I’m really both. Photo is adorable!!

    Posted by Cee Neuner | сряда, 18 юли, 2012г., 19:05
  4. thanks for your C vs. D poll!
    60% dog persons – 40% cat persons (like me)
    my cat is disturbed! meow!!!

    Posted by frizztext (@frizztext) | петък, 20 юли, 2012г., 14:56
  5. They do look adorable!

    Posted by Myra GB | петък, 20 юли, 2012г., 20:09

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